Ziptex - A - Best Zip Manufacturer Company - Zipper Company - Surat, India

About Us

2009 It was, When we at ZIPTEX-A manufactured our first set of Nylon Long Chain Zipper in the city of Surat “The Textile Capital of India”.ZIPTEX-A is a professional Zipper company integrated with modern production lines along with dynamic research and a vibrant marketing wing.


ZIPTEX-A started its operations with the capacity of just 7.2 metric Tons per Month. However on this Day in 2016, With the Dynamic Leadership of Mr. Abhishek Vakharia a Post Graduate from London, ZIPTEX-A now Produces about more than 125 metric Tons of Zippers Every month.


A Substantial growth rate of 281% year on year was achieved till date. Big thanks to all our customers. We cater the ever growing industries such as the garment industry the luggage industry the packaging industry and the handicraft industry by supplying Nylon Zipper and the Plastic Zippers.